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Copyright 2016  Just Get It Write             A subsidiary of Praiselinks, LLC.

Professional Writing, Editing & Publishing Services

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Great writing is the product of a relationship of trust with a great editor.  The best editors have a keen eye for detail, the skill to explore the depths of a writer's psyche, and the conviction to respect the audience of readers.

They also have a good bit of moxie and a mind for business.


Here at JUST GET IT WRITE,  we are a team of great writing, editing, and publishing experts offering years of experience  and a passion for what we do for you.

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Great Writing



Great Editing

and a little patience...

"Their work is impeccable! Just Get It Write is courteous and professional;  

I have enjoyed working with them and look forward to working with them again in the future.”                


Tara C.




"Ms. Joy’s work and business ethics are one in a million; I have yet to partner with such a visionary, motivator and word master."


G. Stewart



"I would like to commend JGIW for the excellent work that they did on my business plan. The level of work extended far beyond my expectations. The service was professional, and the work was done at a reasonable cost. "


D. Ceasar




"Their extreme attention to detail and structured demeanor has helped many writers and small businesses get established."


Lynn W.