Copy Editing

At the copy-editing stage, editors focus on grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the mechanics of style. We check for consistency, continuity, and clarity.

Proofreading & Revision

Proofreading of an edited manuscript includes checking that the document is ready to be published, that the house style is followed, that all amendments and corrections have been inserted and that punctuation and spelling are correct.

Manuscript Appraisal

We offer manuscript appraisal on all fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and academic projects. Our findings are put in report form to provide writers with a comprehensive appraisal of the entire manuscript.

Structural/Developmental Editing

In this process, the editor takes an impartial and meticulous look at the entire work, identifying the strengths and weaknesses, then suggesting strategies to clarify areas like the point of view, tense, pacing, clarity, and word choice to improve the overall manuscript. In fictional works, structural editing looks at elements such as characterization, theme and plotting, the realization of setting, writing style, and suitability for target audience. In non-fiction works elements include narratorial voice, theme and structure, writing style, and suitability for the target audience. For editing poetry, the strengths and weaknesses of individual poems is examined, along with the placement of each piece in the overall collection to maxmize flow and coherence.