There are nuances and subsets within the world of publishing. ​Traditional Publishing is a beast unto itself, with high barriers and requirements to get beyond the gate. Books produced via traditional means have all of the publishing expenses paid by the publisher. This often excludes marketing services, however, and the barriers to entry are numerous. Self Publishing has exploded as an industry with the proliferation of the internet and information technologies, giving way to a flood of opportunity to realize the dream of becoming a published author. Authors who pay for their editing, formatting, or cover design are self-publishing their work. Under the banner of Self Publishing, there are two main tracks: Self Publishing with a Company or Self Publishing Independently. Self publishing with a company is also known as Hybrid publishing. You partner with a company who can assist you with your choice of tasks through the process, while maintaining control of costs, marketing, and direction. ​ Just Get It Write is a in the Hybrid category. We are a self-publishing company, specializing in a comprehensive range of services to assist independent authors create the most polished, successful, and fulfilling publications possible outside of traditional publishing, INCLUDING marketing services.